Pioneering the Metaverse: A Conversation with Pico Velásquez

Angelica Kopec

Discovering the possibilities of the future with founder and CEO of VIIRA

I first saw Pico Velásquez when she was on stage in Abu Dhabi at the Forbes 30 / 50 International Women’s Day summit; she immediately piqued my interest and left me with a million ideas running around my mind on how we could combine our powers.

As she prepares for her next speaking gig in Tulum, Mexico, she took a moment to chat about bringing the Metaverse to the She Knows Business network!

Pico Velásquez, a visionary artist and entrepreneur shaping the future of the digital world. As the founder and CEO of VIIRA, Pico is revolutionizing the way we experience art and interact with one another in virtual spaces. Join me as I share the highlights of her speech and explore the impact Pico Velásquez is having on the future of the creative industry.

Pico Velásquez: An Inspiring Journey

Pico’s journey began as a multimedia artist, exploring the intersection of technology, nature, and human experiences. Her curiosity and passion for creating unique experiences led her to the world of digital art, NFTs, and the metaverse. As the founder and CEO of VIIRA, Pico is now focused on empowering creators and audiences to connect in new and innovative ways within virtual spaces.

VIIRA: Pioneering the Metaverse

VIIRA is at the forefront of creating immersive experiences and shaping the metaverse as we know it. With a diverse clientele that includes luxury brands, soccer clubs, artists, and even chefs, the company is redefining the concept of a virtual presence. Pico envisions the metaverse as a space where brands can build communities, transform relationships, and change the way we experience art and culture.

Shaping the Future of Art

In her speech at the Forbes 30 / 50 Summit, Pico discussed the importance of creating immersive experiences that engage our senses beyond the traditional narrative structures. She described the potential of the metaverse to connect creators and audiences in profound ways, transcending the limitations of physical spaces.

The Role of Technology and Creativity

Pico believes that technology provides the foundation for creativity to flourish. With each technological advancement, artists can discover new possibilities and redefine the boundaries of their work. In the metaverse, Pico sees endless opportunities for brands and artists to build communities, create value, and reimagine their relationships with their audiences.

Taking Responsibility in the Metaverse

She emphasizes the responsibility of those shaping the digital world and the importance of both creators and users taking an active role in the development of the metaverse. With the power of blockchain and user-owned data, the metaverse presents an opportunity for democratized decision-making and user-generated content.

Advice for Aspiring Digital Artists

Pico shared valuable advice for those looking to enter the world of digital art: learn the tools, engage with the process, and embrace the endless possibilities of the virtual world. She also encouraged artists to build their own following, connect directly with their audience, and harness the power of the metaverse to create meaningful experiences.

The Gateway to the Metaverse

As creatives begin to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds, Pico advises them to constantly explore how experiences can expand in the metaverse and consider ways to merge the two realms. This convergence will unlock a world of possibilities, enabling artists and brands to create immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.


Listening to Pico Velásquez left me inspired and excited about the future of the metaverse and the creative industry. Her achievements and insights serve as a beacon for those looking to explore the uncharted territory of virtual spaces. I am honored to be connected with Pico and look forward to seeing how we can combine our minds and network to shape the future of art, technology, and human experiences.