Elite Business Coach & Strategic Consultant

Helping businesses, brands and people reach their missions through rich-value expertise, connections and heart.

CEO - She Knows Business

Elite Business Coach & Strategic Consultant

Helping businesses, brands and people reach their missions through rich-value expertise, connections and heart.

CEO - She Knows Business

Start-ups to million-dollar enterprises, she's transformed businesses in 40+ industries.

Learn how to grow your business or brand quickly and sustainably, with Angelica Kopec.

A former lawyer, supported by a decade+ of senior level experience in driving successful businesses, she is now co-founder /CMO for Grid Pay, partner/CMO of myBabySitter, a Forbes Business Council Advisor, Member Leader for 'Art of Networking' with Forbes Councils, an elite Business Coach, Strategic Consultant, Philanthorpist and Advisor to Australia's peak industry body for Cardiovascular Disease, Her Heart.

Famed for marrying traditional marketing techniques with modern technology, Angelica continues to challenge the status quo and is a highly sought-after thought leader with an enviable network of business partners.

She's co-developed a LinkedIn strategy with industry-leading conversion rates and most notably her role as Grid Pay's co-founder and CMO places her in the global 16.6% of women holding a C-Suite position in FinTech.

Hi there!

When I get asked "what do you do?", it's a really tough question to answer but its something along the lines of...
I facilitate dreams that seem unattainable.
I transform and scale people, brands, businesses.
I  bridge the gap between emotional intelligence and wealth.
I create strategies to nurture, progress and optimise sales and marketing functions.
I produce highly successful go-to-market strategies with guerrilla marketing tactics.
I develop potent business strategies that generates exponential revenue and growth for sustainable success.

I live my life by a 25% rule:

25% of my time is dedicated to Not-For-Profit ventures, dedicating my time to global missions in humanitarianism, sustainability, AI and female empowerment.

25% of my time is dedicated to using my skills and passion to build profitable businesses and legacies for entrepreneurs and organisations.

25% of my time is dedicated to networking, hosting events and travelling the world meeting brilliant minds to add to our network.

And finally, 25% of my time is dedicated to love: family, friends, random acts of kindness and self-care.

I hope to meet you all in some capacity soon... with love, light and learnings,
Angelica Kopec.

angelica kopec forbes highlight
angelica kopec and tammy hembrow
Angelica Kopec Forbes Council

Forbes Business Advisor & Leader

Angelica was invited into to the Forbes Business Development Council in 2021 and also holds the member leader title for the  'Art of Networking' group.

Angelica Kopec GRD Pay Partner

Co-Founder / CMO

FinTech payment aggregator offering custom transaction rates to our network of businesses, by invitation-only.

Partner / CMO

Australia's go-to website to find the perfect carer for your human and pet!

Offers a custom built ad platform for businesses to promote their brand to thousands of parents & carers.

Dream100 Member

Proudly philanthroic member #19.
A project by Charlie Rocket, helping raise $1.2MUSD p.a. Members include: Billionaire John Chironodo, Youngest founder of a publicly traded company Dan Fleyshman and Steve Harvey!

She Knows Networking

Want to make the dream happen?

Benefit from a decade of expertise, a rubust network, unfettered access to crucial resources, effective risk mitigation, rapid growth acceleration, a burst of innovative ideas, a fortified reputation, amplified capacity, astute market insights, vital capital injection, and enduring sustainability for long-term business success. Contact us to talk about your dream business :)

Luxury Networking Partner

She Knows Business offers benefits for private luxury yacht charter of the Aurora Superyacht.

View the Aurora Luxury Superyacht.

Elite Networking Events

She Knows Business has mindfully curated a network of exceptional business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who share collective intelligence, knowledge, connections and benefit from Angelica Kopec's industry connections.

View our Events Page for all the juicy details of our monthly events in Australia and our international events throughout the year.

Exclusive PR Manager for Fitcover

She Knows Business proudly partners with a  world's leading sweatproof makeup and skincare brand that's truly predicated on protecting the environment and our animal friends - Fitcover.

Shop Here.


She Knows Business

Strategic Consultancy, Business Development, Lead Generation, PR,  Thought Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Websites,  SEO.

She Knows Global Good

Humanitarian Missions // Improving welfare and happiness of people.
Sustainability Missions // Saving oceans to forests.
AI & Tech Missions // Building an Empathy Board & Risk Management.
Female Empowerment Missions // Helping women build their legacies through financial freedom.

She Knows Partnerships

We proudly partner with start ups and scale-ups to help them grow using our resources and advisory. Each business is unqique and thereby evalued on a case-by-case basis to determine alignment and outcomes.

She Knows Networking

Elite Women’s Soirées
Elite Gentlemen’s Dinners
Weekly 1:1 Meetings with Real-World Influencers & Top Voices
Forbes Council 'Art of Networking' Team.

Angelica Kopec
Angelica Kopec
Angelica Kopec

Nova Jane
CEO of Fitcover and Gbanger
Multi-million dollar e-commerce beauty company and seamless underwear brand.


"I run two companies with the advice and help of Angelica. Every successful business should have the support that Angelica offers. I am always grateful for her entering my life and companies."

Dr Linda Warroll-Carter
CEO of Her Heart
Australia's peak body for women's cardiovascular disease.


"I would highly recommend Angelica and her team. She is the consummate professional, a highly skilled, values driven thought leader. We are excited to be working with her and She Knows Business.

As a Foundation, Angelica and her team have swiftly got to know the Her Heart brand and the work we do. She is passionate about supporting women and wants to make a difference to saving women’s lives.

She has an amazing ability to add value, be proactive with opportunities and at the same time consistently offer excellence. We are thrilled to have an ongoing relationship with Angelica & She Knows Business."

Maria Markman
CEO of Markman Media
Australia's leading high calibre branding expert.

"If you asked me to describe Angelica in one word, that would be POWERHOUSE. Before engaging her as my business coach I felt in love with Angelica's energy. As I got to know her better after a few conversations, I was impressed by her professional achievements. Besides learning golden nuggets from Angelica on how to navigate in the business world in a more efficient way, she re-strategised my personal branding business, Markman Media, to the next level."

Peta Johansen,
Corporate Emotional Intelligence Advisor


“There is more than this one testimonial to describe the immense joy, clarity and success this women, Angelica Kopec has already brought into my life and business! Within 4 months, I have been able to transform my vision from overwhelm and confusion into a complete business, more than I have imagined! No cookie cutter strategies!

I truly believe this woman transforms lives… I was calling out for a leader like Angelica, a women of integrity, humanness and realness! She walks the talk in every way and anyone that comes across her path is sure to have success not just in business however other areas of their lives!

She is wonder women!

Testimonials from Industry Leaders

"Many of the initiatives Angelica brought to the company saw an ROI which were unimaginable at the time of the concept. "

“She envisioned and executed on marketing strategies to a level I hadn't seen before.
Her impact generated an exponential increase in quantity AND quality leads, enabling a significant reduction in the sales cycle and increase in the sales funnel.”

"Angelica had outperformed in her role, delivering incredible outputs against challenging budgets, KPIs & stakeholders."

"We are honored to welcome Angelica Kopec into the Forbes Council community"

"Impressive capabilities and work ethic, thank you."

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