My Insights on Cold Calling Featured in Forbes Business Council

Angelica Kopec

I am delighted to share my participation in a recent Forbes Business Council article titled “Breaking The Ice: 15 Tips For Cold Calling Business Prospects.” Contributing to this piece was an exciting opportunity to discuss one of the most crucial aspects of business development—cold calling.

In the article, I emphasize the significance of thorough pre-communication research. Understanding a prospect’s professional background, challenges, and interests is not just about preparation—it’s about respect. Approaching each interaction with this level of detail facilitates a connection that goes beyond mere business transaction; it builds trust and rapport.

Here at She Knows Business, we prioritize genuine interactions and tailored solutions. My contribution to the Forbes article underscores our commitment to excellence and our approach to business interactions. For more detailed insights and strategies from myself and other leading business developers, I encourage you to read the full article on Forbes:

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our endeavors. Stay tuned for more updates and professional insights.