Forbes Contribution: My Insights on Overlooked Business Development Strategies

Angelica Kopec

In today’s competitive business landscape, growth and success often hinge on our ability to leverage innovative and sometimes overlooked strategies. As a member of the Forbes Business Development Council, I recently had the opportunity to share my expertise on this topic in an enlightening article titled “20 Overlooked Business Development Strategies.” In this piece, I, along with other industry leaders, reveal the impact of strategies that are frequently underestimated.

The Power of Localized Strategies

One of the strategies I emphasize is the untapped potential of localized approaches, especially for businesses with a wide-reaching or global focus. Many companies miss out on valuable opportunities by not catering to the unique needs of local markets. Here’s how we can make the most of this strategy:

  1. Conducting Market Research: It’s crucial to deeply understand the specific needs and preferences of local markets. This involves analyzing demographic data, cultural nuances, and local consumer behavior to tailor strategies effectively.
  2. Developing Localized Campaigns: Creating marketing campaigns that resonate with local audiences by reflecting their culture, language, and values can build stronger connections and drive engagement.
  3. Empowering Local Teams: Providing local teams with the autonomy and resources to implement localized strategies ensures authenticity and effectiveness. These teams can better navigate the nuances of their specific markets and make informed decisions.

Broadening the Horizon

The article features a diverse array of strategies from 20 members of the Forbes Business Development Council. These strategies include nurturing existing customer relationships, integrating insights from frontline employees, and leveraging success stories as compelling sales tools. Each contributor offers practical advice, making this piece a valuable resource for business development leaders aiming to enhance their efforts.

Embracing Adaptability

My emphasis on localized strategies highlights the critical role of adaptability in business. Markets are continually evolving, and consumer preferences can shift rapidly. Businesses that can swiftly adapt their strategies to meet these changes are better positioned to thrive. By focusing on localized opportunities, companies can forge stronger, more meaningful relationships with their customers, driving sustained growth and success.


The insights shared in the Forbes article are a powerful reminder of the value lying within often-overlooked business development strategies. By embracing localized approaches and empowering local teams, businesses can uncover new opportunities for growth and deepen their connections with customers. These strategies, along with those shared by other council members, offer a comprehensive guide for business leaders looking to elevate their development efforts.

Are you ready to explore these impactful strategies further? Dive into the full article where I and my peers share our expert advice. For personalized guidance on implementing these strategies, read the full article. To consult with me directly, book a call now and let’s drive your business’s success together.