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A Forbes Business Development Advisor & Forbes Australia Digital CoverGirl.

The two Gold Coast girls have respectively made significant impacts in their industries and paved the path for modern entrepreneurship in the digital age.

@tammyhembrow has built a $38M empire through her fitness app @tammyhembrowfitness and fit-inspired fashion apparel brand @saski . She is one of the most influential women on social media, with over 15.8M followers.

From startups to million-dollar enterprises, Angelica Kopec has transformed businesses in 40+ industries. Her impressive resume spans across the industries of law, marketing, technology, fintech and business development. She now works as an Elite Business Coach, Strategic Consultant and CMO for hire. She’s a Venture Capitalist and partner of newly launched platforms @mybabysitter.com.au and @grid.pay

2023 is set to be a huge year for both of these Gold Coast women who are now taking on the world!