18 Ways To Instantly Get Conferencegoers Excited About Your Product Or Service

For businesses showcasing a product or service at a conference, the chance to make a lasting impression while competing with countless booths is daunting for many. At these events, grabbing the attention of attendees is a contact sport. Luckily, there are strategies that will not only get conferencegoers excited about what you have to offer but can lead to lasting relationships and meaningful partnerships.

Below, Forbes Business Development Council members share 18 strategic ways to instantly make your mark at conferences and get guests talking, creating opportunities to turn these guests into potential clients.

1. Paint A Clear Picture For Clients

People get excited when you can tell their story better than they can articulate it themselves. Focus on making your clients the heroes of your conference, not your product or service. Describe their challenge, discuss solutions and show results from those who have already taken action. Paint the clearest picture possible for the client’s future. – David MattsonSandler

2. Build A Regular Audience

Building a regular audience for an annual conference is always going to be a work in progress. Ensure you share a high-level agenda with your attendees for your next event during your current event and if possible keynote information for next year so anticipation is built. Financial incentives like discounts for the following year are also a nice benefit. – Mustansir PaliwalaEQUANS

3. Build Anticipation With A Drip Campaign

You must generate excitement about a new service or product launch by building buzz within your industry marketplace. Building anticipation with a drip campaign can be a powerful lead-up to a spectacular reveal. At the conference, use raffles, celebrity appearances, sponsors and incentives to entertain a launch party and provide demonstrations from early adopters of the product or service. – Scotty ElliottAmeriLife

4. Upgrade To The Latest Technology

It’s all about technology in our booth, whether we are selling a physical product or a service. We use the latest augmented reality or virtual reality technology to immerse them in an unforgettable experience around our product. We facilitate this with tablets that have high-quality facial recognition and 3D rendering capabilities. – Mark ClarkModern Optical International

5. Create An Immersive, Personalized Demo

Creating an immersive, personalized experience with interactive demos, engaging visuals and social proof has brought me great success in getting conferencegoers excited about our offering. By focusing on their needs, fostering personal connections and sharing success stories, we generate enthusiasm and leave a lasting impression. – George NegronTimilon Corporation

6. Organize Talks And Presentations

Organize short presentations or talks at your booth, focusing on topics that resonate with the conference attendees. Provide valuable insights, industry trends or expert knowledge that aligns with your product or service. This can attract interested individuals and encourage them to learn more about what you offer. – Sarah Dant7Factor Software

7. Focus On Having The Best Content And Follow-Up

Remember that most consumers—B2B and B2C—will ultimately make decisions based on the content they digest on their own time. How you present yourself at a conference might open the door to a conversation, but it’s unlikely to be the silver bullet that closes a deal. A strong focus on on-demand and ungated content is key to performance at events, both on the spot and weeks after. – Jack BorieUbix

8. Have A Fun, Informal Approach

Be loud. Be fun. Get others involved by hosting a sweepstakes they can partake in, tell others about and show up to be a part of. We’ve done this to great success at various sporting events to promote our products to DIYers from around the world. I’ve found that this type of fun and informal approach increases participation and overall saturation. – Ray SchultzLiquid Rubber

9. Showcase An Eye-Catching Backdrop

Create an eye-catching and attractive backdrop that draws in the passerby and stands on its own legs from afar. For our last conference, we featured a large-scale phone with a scannable QR code that showcased our targeted SaaS offerings. It worked like a charm and helped us garner increased foot traffic and direct interest. – Brandon BatchelorReadyCloud Suite

10. Establish Curiosity With Your Story

Pique their curiosity! When someone has a vested interest in knowing the outcome of something, they will concentrate on your story. The way you deliver the story is crucial—create a “movie trailer” of your blockbuster product or service solution, establish a human connection, an angle and impact, then leave enough interest for them to see the movie, follow through with your call to action! – Angelica KopecShe Knows Business

11. Develop An Event Microsite

The best way to garner attention for your conference is to develop a microsite that clearly outlines the event details, speakers, schedule and location. Having a central hub for all the conference-related information and the services and solutions that they can look forward to knowing will go a long way in driving conference attendees. – Ashu GoelWinWire

12. Establish Your Company As A Thought Leader

Establishing your company as a thought leader has proven to be a long-lasting, effective strategy. By imparting valuable insights and industry knowledge, you can make a lasting impression and gain a competitive edge. When the time is right, you can introduce your offerings as an additional benefit, serving as the finishing touch to the valuable expertise you have already shared. – Praneeth KudithipudiSacumen

13. Spark A Q& A Conversation By Sharing A Customer’s Journey

You can have a customer use their transformation journey to spark conversation. Presenting a live demo of the product or service in an interactive format will prompt audience engagement to have a Q&A session. – Atul DubeyWolters Kluwer

14. Show Audiences What You Do Interactively

One of the ways our team has found to generate excitement at conferences is to show attendees what we do. Our company repurposes shoes for funds and sustainability. So, we have fun with it. We have a shoe costume we use, but we’ve also taken a bag of shoes to our conferences and spoken to people about why we carry around shoes. People have to know what you do in an experiential and firsthand way. – Wayne ElseyThe Funds2Orgs Group

15. Invest In Exciting Displays And Friendly Staff

One way to get annual conferencegoers excited about your product or service is a booth with interactive demos, engaging presentations, giveaways and friendly staff. You can also incorporate interactive displays, testimonials and social media integration to generate excitement and make your booth stand out. – Lomit PatelTynker

16. Use Engaging Devices

Assuming your sales process, product and takeaway are solid, the hardest is a hook to get attendees engaged. Devices to do this can be anything that attracts attendees. I have used holograms, puppies, video walls, VIP badges, flashing lights and sound. The product and messaging will dictate the hook. The device becomes irrelevant if the remaining process is flawed so pay attention to each part. – Peter SchravemadeREACH ASEA

17. Be Simple And Relatable

Nothing can beat a nice story. Tell your crowd the story behind your offering, the real “why” and your reason for being here. Presenting the product to them briefly and impressively. People will care if you are simple and relatable. – Ahmed AmmarLABS – Logical Applications for Business Solutions

18. Offer Testing Experiences And Promos

Combine entertaining visuals, immersive experiences and limited-time promos. A synergy of these three can engage and convert your visitors, especially when it comes to the possibility that your offer can make their lives better. Testimonials and hands-on activities like augmented and virtual reality and the opportunity to test your products can keep them in the venue and encourage them to buy. – Bryce WelkerCrush The BAR Exam

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